Zeena was born with a disruptive soul

For Sana Khouja, who previously worked at one of Spain’s most prestigious wineries, wine is life. Zeena was created with significance beyond simply being a wine in a can. It was created with disruption at it’s soul, on a mission to make wine accessible for all and to bring to light the stories of those who make it. Her dream is to create a platform for celebrating life’s imperfections and to empower people to make positive life choices for themselves.

A can of wine that empowers people to choose freely.

We are all affected by what others do, how others think, and it conditions our decision making. Zeena pushes people towards being themselves and not surrendering to group thinking. This was core to the purpose that we defined together with the Zeena team.

Our purpose at Zeena is to allow people to enjoy choosing freely, always. We want people to value their freedom & live by it.

The Zeena story was set out

We want you to live, to experience, and to be the way you want to be by embracing, discovering and enjoying small moments of freedom. 

We want to help you make complicated things simple, and embrace the joy of missing out. 

All while being aware of your impact on the environment and surroundings, understanding the shared responsibility of every choice you make. 

Zeena: A sip of freedom

Free will: not just a brand statement

Zeena is purpose driven both In&Out of the business. They are:

  • Raising awareness of losing free will in society, due to societal pressures.
  • Inspiring a simple life. Where enjoyment comes from minimalism.
  • Giving free education about wine (and not just their own)
  • Are transparent in their ingredients and the production process. (100% organic & vegan)
  • The packaging is 100% recyclable 
  • Have transparency in pricing

&Out to the world

Canned wine

Wine in a can is a new and disruptive format in a centuries old industry. This new way of consuming is adapted to modern lifestyles and individual consumption. During the research phase, we found that consumers like to have their own drink and make their own choices. Zeena is a can for the individual: offering each customer a space to write their name on their can. 

It is a democratisation; helping to make it more widely available and more easy to drink on-the-go.

Aluminium cans are also the most recyclable form of packaging and it’s possible to remake it into a new can in only 60 days. In short: it allows consumers more freedom of choice to consume wine how they want, where they want and more consciously than ever before.

Creative Concept 

Together with the client, our team defined “making complicated simple” as being core to the creative concept. In order to choose freely, you need to understand. This is why Zeena has a self-explanatory tone, disrupting the wine category. 

“Zeena es un vino brutal” (Zeena is an amazing wine). Strong sharp statements describe exactly whatever it is that Zeena wants to say, always in the third person.

The sun & horizon line background provides a natural element to the identity, talking on a number of different levels. It represents chasing dreams, being out in nature and enjoying life’s journey. It underpins all of Zeena’s communications and is an instantly recognisable brand element. The minimalism of the design, with only a circle and and a horizon line, compliments the simplicity of the copywriting and makes it easier for consumers to make a choice. Similarly we applied a natural colour palette to emphasise the naturality of the product.

The only way to stand out is to attract the right people who have the expertise to listen to you, understand your needs, and have the vision to make it real fitting the current trends. Brandbuch has been our most valuable investment to build a structure for success.

You can remain seated, but your brand needs to stand.

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