Storytelling. Storydoing. Storyproofing™.

It’s not enough to tell the story of your purpose. People need more. One of our specialties is to turn storytelling into Storydoing - to bring your audience into the story and inspire them to take purpose-driven actions.

And now we’re taking this a step further.

As consumers, it can be hard to trust a brand’s purpose. We need proof. So we’ve created Storyproofing™ - a way for brands to show evidence of their actions and how they live up to their purpose.

Perpetual Circle of Purpose diagramPurpose results in Profits, results in Purpose driven-actions, results in Purpose.

Purpose is the engine for growth inside and outside of your organisation.

Do not get us wrong. We understand how business works: companies can't accomplish their purpose without making any profit.

Recent analysis of “purposeful” companies by the Corporate Board suggests that purposeful companies outperform the stock market by 42%.

This is what guides us at brandbuch.
We are purpose-driven professionals taking purpose-driven decisions.

You can remain seated, but your business needs to stand.

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