Exploring the dual nature of AI: The amazing and the unknown

I was fortunate enough to start playing around with the AI image generator Midjourney. It was two friends of mine (@Boldtron &...

Article by David Angulo

Using digital solutions to highlight your company's purpose in 2023.

In today's competitive business landscape, it's more important than ever for companies to have a clear and compelling purpose...

Article by Tauras Sinkus

Work is my Lego.

“For me, working is about challenging myself, trying to find solutions to difficult problems, it's about helping others....

Article by Melissa Buch

I'm not a superwoman. I'm just a woman.

Let me tell you: there is no such thing as a superwoman. And we need to stop using this term. It leads to damaging expectations...

Article by Melissa Buch

Purpose Trends 2023

Welcome to the age of the permacrisis, “an extended period of instability and insecurity”, and the Collins English Dictionary Word of 2022. Wherever we look, from ecology to the economy to our societies, we...

Article by Brandbuch Team

Company culture is the competitive advantage of our time

The relationship between companies and talent has changed forever. Employees feel disengaged and full of unfulfilled...

Article by Melissa Buch

Stories that matter: Cooltivat

Conversation with founder, Oriol Cerqueda

Interview with Oriol Cerqueda

Purpose in Business event - Melissa Buch

View on YouTube

Purpose Trends 2022

The Rise of the Purposeful Civilization This could be the year when purpose matters more than ever. From the words we use to...

Article by

Mental health and remote working: How we see it.

Laptop open on the kitchen table. Steaming cup of tea sweetly scenting the air. Your favourite playlist on Spotify.

Article by Alfie Hayward

Stories that matter: HaHu Scripts

Curbing digital inequality by making underrepresented African writing systems accessible.

Interview with Nigist Goytom

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