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Melissa Buch
Founder & Managing Director

Finally discovered my purpose: helping people and organisations grow meaningfully. In other words, I am a “giver” that understands purpose as a value and growth generator. During my free time: bouldering, reading, familying, naturing, friending and living!

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David Angulo
Creative Team Lead

I bring my experience of working with major branding agencies to inspire the team with disruptive ideas. Nourishing strategy and translating purpose into visual and meaningful experiences. Traveling and illustration are my passions and a way to understand and express my point of view about the world we live in.

Celecia Partap
Client Success Team Lead

A former journalist turned brand marketer, Celecia is passionate about creating stories that evokes emotion and leads to change. Taking big picture ideas and breaking it down into digestible pieces.

Paola Pérez
Client Partner

I love when a seamless process leads a team's talent to success. A 10 year track record in multinational companies has led me to enjoy doing what I do best: manage a project from beginning to end. I deliver value to our clients through organization and efficient process definition.

Tauras Sinkus
Digital Team Lead

Search Engines have totally changed the way we access information, find businesses and products. It’s great if you are the one looking, but if you are the one that wants to be found, it has become more important than ever to take action and become friends with the Search Engines like Google.

Luckily, that’s exactly what I do best. SEO is my passion and I'm ready to grow your organic traffic! Are you?

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Andrea Navarrete
Project Manager

Passionate about the digital world & fashion enthusiast. With a background in Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist. I’ve been able to grow in the Start-Up environment and become a proactive person. Teaching yoga is a pillar of my life and has given me the freedom and the discipline to continue evolving.

Hugo Willemin
​Trend Forecaster & Creative Strategist

I track insights and innovations to help brands to make their ways in our disrupted world. My purpose: designing seductive, seamless and above all sustainable brand essences and experiences.

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Ana Grigorovici

Aspiring curator. Attempting to bring joy and surprise moments to brand design through the lens of artistic thinking. Helping companies and individuals tell visual stories and free their imagination. Real life inspiration station and idea generator. Ask me anything.

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Alfie Hayward
Creative Copywriter

I love finding weird and wonderful ways for brands to make some noise. Drawing on years of experience as an ad agency creative, I start with a big, bold idea and turn it into simple, human words with a splash of character.

Ariadna Vilalta

Ariadna has relentless optimism and curiosity for creativity, art, design and fashion. She has a human-centered approach to design and believes in the power of strategy and purpose coming together to enable business transformation. She is passionate about distilling complex ideas into simple and emotional creative solutions, she designs bold brands that encourage users to feel and grow meaningfully. She has more than 12 years of experience with top branding agencies across the globe.

Stephanie Wurm

Originally from Austria but living in Spain.

I like solving problems through design with strategic thinking, because design is about so much more than "making things look pretty". I like delivering a well structured and usable toolbox to the client that ensures the essence of the brand. When I'm not designing I'm constantly looking for new leaves to pop up in my plant collection.

Josh Nathanson

Passionate for finding big ideas that are backed up with solid thought & reasoning, joining the creative dots to help companies tell their stories with emotional intelligence & clarity... adding a healthy dash of British humour along the way!

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Alexia Aflalo

Israeli designer and artist with Spanish, Moroccan and Italian roots. She is challenged by the idea of giving visual expression to people's dreams and needs. Her inspiration often starts experimenting with different materials enabling the expression to happen through her handcrafted art.

Janene Liston
Pricing expert

Pricing can boost (or drain) profits far more than adjusting costs or sales. Yet at least half of companies aren’t as profitable as they can be - they don't even know they're leaving money on the table. I’m passionate about helping small businesses grow profitability in a responsible and sustainable way. Watch out my passion for pricing is contagious.

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Ryan Dean-Corke

Advocate of working openly, honestly and collaboratively, and defender of the needs of the user. Leaving the circus of the traditional agency behind, Ryan now works to help brands and people make a difference and impact positive change.

Meet our founder Melissa Buch.
Why did she start an agency that is about being purpose-driven?

After working in branding for 9 years as a strategist and consultant for the biggest multinationals in the world, Melissa Buch realised that the methods and models that were used were not helping clients grow anymore.

It was not long after moving to Zurich that she developed the in&out methodology, identifying purpose as the only engine for sustainable growth. This method is based on the fact that consumers don't want to be sold to anymore. They want to engage and connect on an emotional level that goes beyond product or service.

According to Kantar Consulting, brands with a high sense of purpose have experienced a brand valuation increase of 175% over the past 12 years. Melissa Buch is still driven by the same mission: help companies grow. But today in order to do that, she helps her clients connect with people through integrity, authenticity and purpose.

  • Melissa Buch was the youngest international Managing Partner at Spain's leading branding agency
  • Responsible for opening the agency's first international office in Tel Aviv
  • She has served as a consultant for the biggest multinationals in the world
  • Highly experienced in branding, marketing and business development
  • Balances vision and strategy with hands-on team building, leadership and execution

How does it work?

We understand it’s not the industry standard, but it’s better for everyone involved in the process.

1. Form a unique team

We understand that every project is unique, so we put together the right talent based on the required skills, whether that be technical or cultural.

2. Specialised competency

We consider ourselves generalised specialists. Our teams come together to provide competency & expertise across industries & sectors, the result of each member having a core speciality and sharing their knowledge with each other.

3. Assign a project lead

As a client, you will always be assigned a partner to lead the project and accompany you through the process, ensuring the best service and results.

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