The In&Out Method™


1. Purpose

Defining your purpose, internally and externally.

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2. Concept

Translating purpose into a meaningful experience

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3. Stand out

Clients & Consumers, Team & Company Culture Investors & Partners

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This is where, together, we define a purpose that will serve your organisation internally & externally.

Our strategic team will use research tools & gamification to find a purpose that is authentic, that comes from the heart of your company. Then we'll analyse industry insights, trends & competitors to ensure that this purpose is relevant to all stakeholders.


This critical stage is where we translate the purpose into a meaningful experience.

Our multi-disciplinary team will do visual research; creating moodboards, verbal branding, storytelling & out-of-the-box ideas that excite, provoke & inspire. This will set the tone & act as a brief for all future work and communications.


This is where it all comes together. We will give you full creative & strategic branding tools to roll out a brand purpose.

Whether it is branding for a restaurant, a start-up or for beauty, we will use different creative tools to make the purpose stand out. This could take the form of: copywriting, digital journey & strategy, packaging, retail experience, brand identity & brand expression across any relevant touchpoints, depending what is required. The ultimate goal is to unite teams, clients & stakeholders.

We believe that purpose-led companies are the most successful companies

When it all comes together, your branding & communications should be seamless, consistent and confident. Your actions will resonate and connect stronger to clients, investors & customers. And, most importantly, you'll wake up every morning with the feeling that you're making a meaningful difference in your company & the world.

How we work

A few quick answers to our most commonly asked questions

Can we only do the 'in' phase?

Yes, we are a full strategic branding agency capable of providing strategy for businesses big and small: startups, beauty brands, restaurants, in any category & any industry.

Can we only do the 'out' phase?

Yes, we are a creative branding agency capable of creating logos, designs, packagings, retail and any design elements that is aligned with a clear and defined purpose, so even if you already have a purpose then we'd love to work with you!

Do clients work directly with freelancers?

We give the same or better service than a traditional agency. You'll have a point of contact that will ensure all your needs are met and follow up on teams. To know more check our team page.

How long do projects take?

We don’t create brands that stand in 2 days. We believe in doing the right path to a successful brand. We know timing can be critical and we can adapt to schedules without jeopardizing quality.

What type of design do you do?

We are a full service design studio, capable of delivering anything that serves the purpose. From logos & brand identities to websites, retail, interiors, exhibitions, events, etc.

Ready to build an In&Out brand?

If you’re curious about the value branding can provide to your business, inside & out, we'd love to talk.

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