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New dimensions of Purpose

It’s 2024 and we find ourselves in the midst of the permacrisis. Climate change, conflicts and economic crises are polarizing opinion and challenging companies’ commitments.

  • Following the conflicts in Ukraine, Gaza and Israel, ideologies are shifting to the far-right. Both Italy and the Netherlands have elected right-wing governments, and France has seen national riots protesting the police.
  • In world economics, the USA narrowly avoided a recession, China’s economic miracle has ended, and inflation continues to rise, especially in Europe.
  • With fires in Canada and the hottest year ever in Europe, climate catastrophes now impact the whole planet.
  • “2024 is the biggest election year in History (with elections in 64 countries). This year, countries that are home to 4 billion people – half the world’s population – will hold national elections.” The Economist

A new perspective of purpose

As we navigate the instability and insecurity, our sense of purpose is evolving. Whether it’s from brand-level to company-level, or from consumer-focused to employee-focused. And while businesses are still devoted to their commitments, they’re developing new ways to express them, leading to new dimensions of purpose.

At Brandbuch, we help businesses find, say and live their purpose. And that means knowing all about the influences and challenges facing companies, people and communities. Now and in the future.

So every year we put together this report of the trends set to define the next 365 days. The environmental, financial and cultural realities we’ll all be talking about, and how businesses can be ready.

Whether you’re a leader or a conscious consumer, read on to see what’s coming your way, and how to get a head start on 2024.

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Article by Brandbuch Team

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