Travelling to homes throughout the UK, Healios founder Rich Andrews saw that two-thirds of children and young people were unable to access government-funded care because of soaring demands and long waiting lists. He knew there needed to be a new way to combat this growing global issue. 

Bringing together a multidimensional care team and combining their experience and expertise with new technology, they created a system that engaged with young people and their families. 

Healios was born.

Making a difference together

Healios puts the focus on family, on being together, on connecting.

Their unique virtual care platform finds the perfect blend between family connections and digital conversations. It delivers tailored digital interventions that use technology as a tool to make conversations even more personal; helping to reunite families so they can "confront" mental health challenges together. Anywhere, Anytime.

It was this symbiotic combination that they wanted to convey in their purpose... 

Our purpose is to make families feel better by stepping forward to support healthier, happier families living with mental health or neurodiverse conditions.

Making Families feel better: not just a slogan

  • Number 1 digital mental health provider for children in the UK
  • Uniting families with experts anytime, anywhere.  
  • Awarded Best Companies as one of the leading health and social care companies to work for in the UK
  • NHS trusted partner continues to establish a consistent relationship

&Out to the world

Messaging that works together

Truly reinforcing the core idea of ‘together’, the Healios purpose had to work across three different stakeholders - Patients, Families and the NHS. To make this work, we broke down their core purpose into three clear values: Family-first support, Personalised Care and Smart Technology. These values encompassed the core beliefs of Healios. Crossing stakeholders, they acted as pillars that inspired the new visual identity.

Creative Concept

With the idea of ‘together’ living through the Healios ethos, we made sure to give it a presence in all of our creative work. We needed to bring the identity to a more emotive place, focusing on family, without drifting too far from the exceptional care and experience you receive from Healios. 

This careful balance inspired the combinations of colours: Positive vibrant colors convey the emotional elements of Healios, while cool greys match their professionalism and innovative nature. Both of which equally define Healios.

Inspired by the three pillars, three key visual symbols act as directing elements. They signpost each of the pillars, working separately to inform viewers of the different themes of each pillar. 

However they also work as part of a whole, coming together as a consistent visual language that interacts with images and messages in order to emphasise Healios’ purpose.

Digital Environment for a Digital Company

A focus point for Healios is its innovative use of technology. It was crucial that the website, being a user's first point of contact, mirrored this.

Innovation in the website is not only represented through the design and narrative elements but also through the user experience. The website was created to make users feel better aligning to the company's purpose. 

The fully responsive custom design and technical elements aid in creating a unique feeling for the user. Pop-up modules and simple navigation allow the user to find the information they need without feeling overwhelmed.

All of these elements, decisions and tools are active symbols designed to represent how Healios believes tackling mental health should be.

This was a special project and an enjoyable one, but not without its challenges and learnings:

  • We have become better at understanding mental health in children and young people.
  • We were able to communicate to multiple audiences: patients, families, NHS, talent and institutions.
  • We adapted to the different matters close to the audiences heart.
  • Focused on creating a value-based project where the delivery adapts together with the client needs.


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  • Website: 20.2K sessions occurred between 3 May and 3 June.
  • Able to attract new talent in a personal and engaging way
  • Aligned teams across the company towards one unique direction
  • Social channels increase: 
  • LinkedIn: 10.7% increase in followers bringing total to 2,573 followers and 577% increase in page engagement
  • Twitter: 2.1% increase in followers bringing total to 1,549 followers and 800% increase in profile engagement
  • FB:  6.3% increase in fans bringing total to 676 fans and 244% increase in page engagement

Note: All social figures compare 5 May - 3 June to 5 April - 4 May

  • NHS trusted partner continues to establish a consistent relationship 
  • Awarded Best Companies as one of the leading health and social care companies to work for in the UK
  • Confidence to create new Channel “Healios Spotlight Series” among other social media actions to raise awareness and reach more families

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Project credits

  • Andrea Piacquadio / Any Lane / August de Richelieu / Gabby K / Julia M Cameron / Ketut Subiyanto / Tatiana Sirykova / Vanessa GarciaPhotography credits

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