Mental health in business is still a problem.

For the experienced psychologists of Amplify now is the time for change. There’s no doubt that in the modern business landscape there’s a growing desire to tackle mental health, but for a lot of companies all the information around mental health can be overwhelming, leaving them unsure of where to begin. That’s where Amplify comes in: they’re here to help companies navigate through the complicated world of mental health

Striving for you not to need them.

Amplify is changing the conversation. While most of their competitors are treatment focused or business coaches, Amplify takes an approach that puts prevention first and is people focused. They believe every person in every company may need a different solution, so they always begin with the most important tool in tackling mental health: Listening. 

From these strong foundations, they educate, train, and talk, partnering with teams at every level from HR to management. Helping every team further understand mental health, and giving them the tools to integrate smart solutions as part of the day to day. With brandbuch defining Amplify's methodology, their brand purpose became crystal clear...

Our purpose is to help companies navigate through the complicated world of mental health

The Amplify story was born:

We know that you care. You want to create the ideal environment & experience for your teams to perform their best for the company .

We also know that Mental Health is a priority and that you want to make sure you choose the best, always. 

Us too.

Let us help you navigate through the complicated world of mental health. Together, we can prevent more. Together we can succeed in creating mental health solutions that make sense. 

They make sense because they are personal, smart and accessible.

Amplify: Navigating Mental Health, together

Navigating together: not just a slogan

Amplify is purpose driven both In&Out of the business.

  • Offering an online platform for employees to easily book one-on-one sessions with a psychologist.
  • Acting as clinical advisors to mental health charity.
  • Providing clinical expertise to help a community interest company develop a free mental wellbeing app.
  • Helping two large financial organisations to continually develop and deliver the best possible mental health for their staff.

&Out to the world

Contain, Explain, Act & Gain

Our team helped define Amplify's three part methodology. Breaking down and distilling their preventative & holistic approaches, which work at individual, team and organisational levels, we filtered them into 3 pillars. Flexible and adapting to the needs of their client, each one feeds into another, coming together to represent the whole picture.

Creative Concept

After refining their approaches, we symbolised Amplify’s passionate mission to simplify a complex and daunting topic through our creative design. Cool blues and whites were chosen to illustrate the calming and soothing approaches of Amplify’s methods, and a narrative device was chosen to capture the idea of navigating: simple but striking origami boats

The boat itself perfectly symbolises Amplify’s mission. Conversations around mental health can be a tricky terrain, but with Amplify leading the way, these once rough seas can be navigated a little easier. 

The use of origami as a creative device was employed to elevate the creative concept to the next level. The perfect metaphor for Amplifys’ approach and services. 

Origami is both simple and complex. It takes time, patience and a human touch to create, but ultimately is beautiful. 

Bringing in professional origami artist Emi Hazlett to craft the perfect pieces, we made sure to create a number of different designs. Just like the people Amplify set out to help, each boat is unique, crafted and built in its own way.

Carrying this creative force throughout the brand messaging, Origami doesn’t just feature in the imagery, but also inspires a number of design choices. The symbol and graphic designs use the angular lines and styles of origami, to create beautiful devices that continue to tell Amplify’s narrative story.

Brandbuch has helped us to bring a lot more clarity and focus to the identify of our business and transform it into a smart visual identity.

Melinda Rees


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  • Developed a shared language to explain for what we do 
  • Feel proud and confident in our identity and brand
  • More confidently able to talk to prospective clients  
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You can remain seated, but your brand needs to stand.

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