Beautiful things happen when opposites unite.

In 2018 Thierry Hostettler, an expert academic, came together with René Müller, a man experienced in innovative technologies. Although they were from different backgrounds, they found common ground in their belief that there was a growing need for companies to apply modern learning techniques to business training. They both agreed that a joyful learning experience is a successful one. So combining their different philosophies, they co-created an interactive learning experience that could deliver the highest levels of learning, in an exciting and engaging way. Offering companies a chance for their leaders to reconnect to the joy of learning. 

To learn, is to see the world anew.

Our instinct as humans is to pursue new things in life, and to take pleasure in learning, but somewhere along the way this desire becomes muddied. Professionals struggle when faced with an educational or academic challenge. It is hard for them to be motivated, stay focused, enjoy the journey and succeed in studying. The Swiss Connect Academy pushes people to reconnect with their childlike wonder, to the joy they felt seeing the world with a new filter.

Our purpose at Swiss Connect Academy is to allow leaders to reconnect to the joy of learning, empowering them to reach their full potential.

The Swiss Connect Academy story was born:

“We believe that education should always be associated with a joyful experience. Our instincts as humans are to pursue new things in life and take pleasure in learning.

However, more and more professionals around the world are struggling when faced with an educational or academic challenge. It is hard for them to be motivated, stay focused, enjoy the journey and succeed.”

At Swiss Connect Academy, our purpose is to reconnect business leaders with the joy of learning.

Because a joyful experience is a successful one.”

Reconnecting: not just a slogan

  • SCA helps motivate professionals who are obligated to do a training course. They can enjoy it and learn something valuable. 
  • Through the platform, professionals naturally become more familiar with technology.
  • A community of professionals that help each other beyond the courses.
  • The course format is adapted to each and every person to ensure full engagement and maximum opportunity for success.

&Out to the world

Two Forces Collide

Our team defined the “Two Forces Method”. A methodology and identity that captured the duality that makes the Swiss Connect Academy so special. Clearly defining the two ingredients: High quality pedagogy and a blended channel approach, that partner to create a seamless and social experience. It also makes a clear statement celebrating the origins of the academy as well as carving out a clear direction into the future of learning.

Creative Concept

We developed this methodology and used its core duality as the inspiration for the style and messaging of the brand. The first step was transitioning from the Swiss Mobile Academy to the Swiss Connect Academy. A simple change that more clearly defines the company's core beliefs. Both in the way they teach, through a blend of physical and digital channels, but also the ethos behind the experience they deliver to business leaders. 

The duality continued to live throughout each ingredient of the reimagined identity. The creative copywriting gave a renewed feeling of warmth and accessibility, without sacrificing it’s professionalism. Typography was used to complement this, with a combination of ‘handwritten’ and professional type included in its hierarchy. The colour pallet of grey and yellow each represented a ‘force’ of the method: the grey showcasing the professional, academic ingredient in the business, and the yellow, showcasing the positive, energetic and joy that comes with its blended channel approach. It continues through the photography which balances smiling, happy professionals, with imagery illustrating how the Swiss Connect academy can be used on the move. 

New digital experience

With the renewed focus on a seamless digital experience of the Swiss Connect Academy, the website acted as a housing for the evolved brand identity. Built with a mobile first approach, its ergonomic design focused on creating a simple and seamless user experience for companies and professionals alike. Accessible in 4 languages, the site breaks down previous barriers like including a webshop allowing courses to be purchased directly by professionals. The site transitioned from product/solution focused to a purpose focused experience, with the content hierarchy reimagined so to give increased protagonism to the RTBs (Reasons to Believe). 


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  • 91% of professionals enrolled in Swiss Connect Academy courses pass their exams. 
  • A network of more than 600 professionals helping each other. 
  • The motivation of Swiss Connect Academy's team and their alignment with the company mission has increased since their purpose was defined. 
  • Hiring process starts with purpose alignment with new candidates. 
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At first, we did not want to change a lot, but we followed the team's recommendation and changed our brand completely. It was worth it, the feedback we get is extremely positive!

You can remain seated, but your brand needs to stand.

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