WiFashion is a disruptive consultancy helping luxury brands to innovate in fashion-tech.

Since 2014, usbepower has been delivering design, quality and technical engineering like never before, combining portable charging devices with fashionable & pragmatic designs.  Following their success and collaborations with some of the world’s biggest companies, the three founders decided to launch a new service that would disrupt the fashion industry like never before…

brandbuch were proud to help define a new brand statement, putting their purpose at the center of their communications.

We dare to imagine the impossible and make it happen.

At WiFashion, impossible is a challenge for us to overcome.

We are risk takers with a passion for perfection and innovation.Imagine a world where the latest fashion creations integrate technology as an extension of the body. A world where wireless is everywhere: as we talk, walk and live, so that people can focus on the things that matter.

Fashion-tech is not a trend. It's here to stay and it will redefine the fashion industry with products full of sensorial experiences.

We want you to challenge us to create personalised fashion-tech solutions that are without limitation. 

Let's achieve the impossible, together.

The methodology

IN phase: 

We embarked on a detailed process in order to define WiFashion’s purpose. This included interviews with senior team members in order to combine personal perspectives into one unified company goal. We used gamifications tools such as the “invisible product pitch” or “the perfect date” to help teams “forget” about their services and focus on why their company exists. From this we were able to identify ways to bring authenticity to their purpose. We then checked the relevance of these insights with fashion industry experts, to ensure that they could successfully be brought to market.

& phase: After gathering these insights we were able to create the “impossible” concept. WiFashion has a multidisciplinary team, enabling them to produce almost any idea from 0 to 100. The fashion industry is always looking for risk-takers and impossible missions in order to differentiate and be pioneers in their industry. WiFashion’s new purpose was to make the impossible possible.

"brandbuch are above all, professional. They developed a great approach and built a great team. Melissa was fully involved and dedicated to our project and we appreciated her originality and creativity. We loved working with them and the results were beyond expectations."

You can remain seated, but your brand needs to stand.

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