dermapositive is the coming together of science, emotions and passion.

Isabella Zajde is a pharmacist with a passion for olfactory therapy. This fascination led her to discover the power of smell and emotion on our skin. Driven by an idea to develop a product that would help improve both body & mind, we were tasked with making dermapositive an engaging brand that puts woman at the heart of this sensual experience. 

Helping you and your skin to be 100%

As skincare experts, dermapositive knows that your well-being is essential for healthy skin. They create positive cosmetics and rituals that act in mind & body to nourish both your soul and your skin.

Well-being is the new beauty.

This simple insight is core to dermapositive’s branding. The idea that ‘when you feel good, you look good’ runs through the business from top to bottom.

Positive: not just a slogan.

dermapositive is purpose-driven In&Out of the organization. The company is:

  • Partnering with women entrepreneurs to help on “burn-out” programs
  • Producing 100% Ecocert, Vegan and natural products
  • Not tested on animals
  • Creating rituals and activities for women to have a healthier lifestyle.

& Out to the world

Creative concept

Our team, together with the client, were convinced “positive”  had to be at the center of our concept. We needed to transmit well-being, emotion, lifestyle, expertise and chic in every aspect of the brand.

We chose to write the name in lowercase to transmit the human and humble values of the brand, where feminine lifestyle lies at its essence. Women that look confident, happy and natural. The product therefore becomes a secondary asset, it is simply there to empower & enable, not taking the center stage.

The photographic style was then combined with squares in vivid colors creating an “album of life” and memories.

“ I loved the experience of working with brandbuch. They immersed themselves 100% to really understand the essence of the brand and offered advice as if the brand was their own. They knew how to bring my dream to life and came up with a concept that was beyond my level of my expectations.”

You can remain seated, but your brand needs to stand.

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