BdeGust was born from a dream.

A dream to create the “ideal company” while enjoying life and helping the world to be a better place.

Blanca Costa and Lluís Bori, founders and social activists, had the idea to launch a beer that would have positive impact in society, respect the planet and every living being with who we share it. 

Have a positive impact while enjoying life

Helping the world to be a better place can happen while enjoying life and sharing a beer with friends. This is at the heart of the purpose we defined together with the team.

At BdeGust our purpose is to help people enjoy life while answering to their social and environmental concerns.

The BdeGust story is born:

We know that you want to enjoy life at its best, but you also care about your world and the planet’s well-being.

We want you to enjoy life while answering your social and environmental concerns. We know you want to help the world to be a better place and now you can do that while having a beer.

Yes, this is not a way of speaking, you can literally have a positive impact while having a beer.

We are a committed beer.

BdeGust, Committed to Kindness

Kindness: not just a slogan.

BdeGust is purpose-driven In&Out of the organisation. The company is:

  • Hiring people at social and labour risk of exclusion.
  • Supporting local NGO's and foundations. 
  • Producing a KM-0 bio beer
  • Vegan and committed to protecting animals

& Out to the world


The brand name “BdeGust” comes from the expression “Ve de gust” in Catalan which means “I feel like” in the culinary world. It represents the positive tone of the brand and its proud Catalan origins.

Creative concept

Our team, together with the client, were convinced “kindness” had to be at the center of our concept. We needed to share kindness, love and care with every bottle.  This is why we illustrated each bottle with a humble black & white hugging figure, with the hands coming together to hold a strong and vibrant red heart: a harmonious combination of care, protection, joy and love.

"brandbuch has captured the essence of our brand very fast and has helped us to structure the branding and communications in a simple and appealing way while defining clear and solid strategic guidelines for us to follow."

Blanca Costa Boadas
Founder BdeGust


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  • BdeGust have an engaged social media following and the beers are being sold in bars, restaurants, hotels and gourmet shops across Catalunya.
  • In their hops field, BdeGust has hired senior citizens that had been unemployed for over 10 years.
  • Selected to take part in the Veritas Ecological Challenge and recently the Michelin Star restaurant Grupo Àbac made BdeGust one of only few beers offered on their menu.
  • They were selected among the 4 startsups of the year by The Basque Culinary Center
  • Bicycle deliveries are made by young people at risk of social exclusion (zero emissions and social project)
  • Christmas campaign: for every bottle sold that will come with a small sachet of rice grains, BdeGust will multiply these grains by 100 and make a donation of rice to L’espiga Solidària that distributes food to all of Catalonia.

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