#4 trend for brands in 2020: Inclusivity

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#3 trend for brands: The Emo-Economy

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#2 trend for brands: Green-Positive Principle

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Purpose Trends 2024

As we navigate the instability and insecurity, our sense of purpose is evolving. Whether it’s from brand-level to...

Article by Brandbuch Team

#1 trend for brands: A zero-waste world

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Why is a Pricing Expert part of a Brand Consultancy?

You might be asking yourself why is a pricing expert part of a brand consultancy? We ask a few questions to pricing expert...

Interview with Janene Liston

New store from @IKEA Group with no parking.

"The concept focuses on the current megatrends and takes into account the dramatically changed shopping behavior as well as a...

Gallery days to keep you balanced

Will you be making new year's resolutions in January? Or maybe you already have. Most of us will be attempting to find more...

Article by Ana Grigorovici

A holiday without my phone

While we get “digital dopamine”, which is instantly rewarding, we are losing the capability to connect in person.

Article by Baptiste Azais

Why I created a purpose-centric consultancy

Brands need to become the farmer next door and create emotional connections marked by authenticity, integrity and purpose. This...

Article by Melissa Buch

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