Event date & time:28th May 202012pm - 2pm

What would you think if I said that in order to build your dream house, just go to a contractor and tell him or her what you want and they’ll build it perfectly? Crazy, right?

But that’s what most businesses do with their online presence... Instead of consciously creating, structuring, planning, and designing a customer's journey that converts, most companies opt for a rag rug of social ads that lead to expensive and oversized CRMs that puzzle together some landing pages, emails and phone calls. Not so in the flow, is it?

What if there was an option to have a smoothly flowing customer's journey that reverse engineers selling success and takes a lead through a well-planned, engaging and nurturing sequence – so that when they arrive at your cash point, whether in your store, office, or on the phone they are already exited to give you their green light. 

 A Funnel Flow Architect does just that. And there aren’t many of us. Yet. 

 Yes, it’s a new profession and only early adapters know this secret-sauce for online success. It roots in the personal development and sales-psychology industry that teaches about mindset, attitude, feelings, engagement energies, and subconscious behaviour and translates this into online journeys. A story-teller knows this, a marketer looks for this and ad managers and webpage builders can just assume it. Funnily enough, smaller businesses have greater success online because they have the best overview of their customer's journey. 

The bigger the company, the more fragmented and departmentalised they work, and so the less success they have online. Here's why: Companies hire the best ad creators, marvellous landing page designers, awesome sales people and certified marketing strategists. The thing is that they don’t see the whole picture as a funnel flow architect does. In the online world certified people are rarely on the top of their game because until books are written, criteria for certifications are created and people study this for a couple of months or years, what works and what doesn't will have changed several times.

Therefore, going back to the roots of understanding pure selling psychology, sub-conscious pre-framing, storytelling and the concept of ConverTsations are so much more important for online success than any line up of ads and pages could ever provide. In this video I’ll explain how the concept of funnel flow architecture uses the online tools in order to create a selling storyline – the customer’s journey. 

 P.S. Yes, you read correctly. Customer's journey rather than customer journey. Because it's their journey, not the business owner's and marketer's journey. Big difference!

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