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Mom, why do you work? 

I’ve had this question from my kids on many occasions. 

If you’ve read my posts about it a couple of years ago, the answer I gave my son back then still stands: “Work is my Lego.” 

For that reason I decided to re-post my story in honour of working moms.

👩‍👦 A few months ago my son asked me: why do you have to work if other moms don’t? 

It caught me by surprise & made me feel terrible. I then started to justify myself by trying to give him rational answers that I thought would make sense to him: “because work is important” or simply "you go to school & I go to work". But none of these answers seemed to satisfy my son...or me. I was trying to justify myself instead of explaining why I actually choose to work.

👩‍💻 This is when I decided to be honest & openly talk about how work makes me feel.

“For me, working is about challenging myself, trying to find solutions to difficult problems, it's about helping others. Working makes me feel useful, challenged & most importantly happy. You know when you manage to finish the LEGO set you were trying to build for a few days? You feel thrilled, excited & proud of yourself.

Well, work is my Lego. I have fun, it makes me feel smart & proud of myself when I finish." 

He listened attentively, understood & never doubted me working again.

Don't be ashamed of being a happy working mom. Be proud, & explain to your child(ren) why your achievements beyond being a #mom are also important. You are teaching them a lesson & most importantly setting an example for their future. #workingmom #momsinbusiness

Happy Mothers Day! 

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