Event date & time:18th May 202112pm - 3pm

 ⬇️ Here some highlights: No matter the pandemic, nothings has been able to stop the #blm (black lives matter) movement 💝 Now brands need to pay attention to purposeful occasions rather than St. Valentine's. 👸 Brands are rewriting culture: Disney rewrites movies that contain stereotypes and are not inclusive. 💱⃝ New symbols for a new society: inclusive writing ( Tristan Bartolin creates an inclusive font) #️⃣ Truth over beauty diktacts: #filterdrop movement by model Sasha Louise Pallari 🧠 Neuro-diversity: the next inclusivity (Netflix launches "Love on the spectrum") ➕ Intersectionality, the next singularity. Soon segmentations could be out of date. Don't miss out this short video about the Inclusivity Revolution.

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Hosted by Hugo Willemin

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