The challenge

To turn an organization with seven distinct companies, all working in silos, into a business that brings together people and innovation – to work as one, ready to tackle industry challenges, stay competitive, and perhaps most importantly, have a positive impact on the world.

Kafrit’s story

Kafrit Industries Ltd was founded in Israel in 1973. It’s a company that puts customers and service at the heart of what it does. And that’s creating better and longer-lasting plastic solutions for manufacturers in agriculture, food, construction, household goods, and even clothing. 

Today, the Kafrit Group is a glocal player, offering specialized services through its network of seven different companies.

But it has challenges to overcome. 

  1. The Group is growing fast, but each business looks different, feels different – and they all work in silos.
  2. Single-use plastics have damaged the reputation of B2B plastics companies. Kafrit needs to let people know that it is focused on creating durable and resistant materials that last.  

Kafrit’s clear goals to reach added-value service

The Kafrit Group knew what it wanted to achieve. And that was a shift from a production-based company to a customer-centric company. One that was entirely focused on providing an added-value service. 

From individual missions > To a common purpose
From sustainable goals > To a clear sustainability group strategy
From reporting in silos > To one single group impact report
From product development > To innovation driven by customer needs 

Using our IN&OUT methodology to solve the problem

IN: Getting to the heart of the problem 

Everything starts with deeper understanding. After interviewing more than 15 people across the different locations, analyzing their documentation, reviewing their position against competitors, and making a fascinating visit to VITRA’s plastic exposition, we discovered a key insight that led us to the final solution…

We can’t prepare for the future of plastics if we do it alone. 

We need a concept that will allow everyone to be a part of the future – a  future with no titles but people, no rivalries but cooperation, a future where there is a common goal. 

And that’s how Kafrit’s purpose was born…

&: Creativity with a capital K

Now that we’ve established a clear purpose for the Kafrit Group, it was time to bring it to life. 

  • Create a concept that everyone could feel a part of. 
  • Find a common ground that would give all of the Kafrit Group companies equity, with the parent brand working as an umbrella to them all. 
  •  Create an attention-grabbing logo or symbol that could unify all companies without the need to add a tagline specifying that it is part of the group. 

In getting to know the group, we saw that everything revolved around connections. Kafrit Group is a connector of ideas, people, companies, and pathways. Inspired by this, we began to explore what happens when these different entities interconnect. 

 The magical moment came when we realized the letter ‘K’ was the perfect unifier to represent each company at the same level. 

The ‘K’ symbol has become an icon of the power of synergies, the never-ending innovation, and the freedom given to every member of the Group. It’s also an invitation to clients and competitors to join the intersection and be a part of this exciting journey to the future of plastics.

OUT: Bringing purpose to life

To kick-start the transformation, we needed people to take action – so we created a purpose action plan. Our road map to help everyone implement and embrace the new purpose, brand and Storydoing. 

We spent a week in Israel training the General Managers. And to ensure it all aligned with existing strategic plans, we linked everything back to three new pillars: Talent, Technology, and Together. 

And for teams, we developed a purpose-centric Digital Playbook to give everyone access to up-to-date assets, and guarantee a successful implementation and launch for any member in any country.

All together now 

In a very short space of time, this project has already been activated globally, boosted by high levels of motivation from leaders and talent alike. The new purpose has been understood as an engine for growth in the organization. And it has created unity as well as a sense of belonging for its people, who now wear the ‘K’ symbol with pride every day.

If you embrace it, it will work 

The transformation of the Kafrit Group into a purpose-led organization was only possible because its leadership was prepared to ‘walk the talk’.

  • CEOs are expected to be the face of change 

Kafrit Group’s CEO, Daniel Singer is convinced about the power of purpose and the importance of this transformation process. 

  • Purpose guides leadership narrative and actions

Daniel built a leadership and sustainability team to support the change.

  • Purpose creates trust at all levels 

The Group’s priority is its people – ensuring they are all aligned on why they come to work each day. 

An inspirational project for all of our team

  • We have learned about the critical role that plastics play in the world today – in just about every sector from agriculture and construction, right through to healthcare and homewares. 
  • We have come to realize that although plastics is an industry misunderstood by many, it remains critical for the future of the world. 
  • We have seen that when companies like Kafrit innovate at the start of the value chain, that has exponential value for people and the planet. 

 We are incredibly proud of everything that a purpose transformation like this can achieve – especially when the leadership is aligned and wholeheartedly believes in the change. 


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  • Created a purpose that gave all employees around the world a sense of belonging, and a pathway towards success. 
  • Fostered synergies between Kafrit’s seven companies. 
  • Elevated the Group with a strong brand image and messaging true to its strategy and objectives. 
  • Overcame the challenges of culture, perceptions, and behaviors to deliver change.  
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“Working with Brandbuch and with each one of their team members was a truly powerful experience. They listened to our needs and concerns, and they helped us to develop a purpose, a brand identity and architecture that is truly creating value to our organization. They were humble, determined and extremely professional. They learned fast about our B2B and plastic challenges and found the ‘glue’ the Kafrit Group was needing. We are so grateful for their partnership.”

You can remain seated, but your brand needs to stand.

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