Brandbuch is doing things differently, we're made up of talent from all over the world.

Any age, any sex, any background. We all work remotely, collaborating from anywhere, at anytime. We believe that this is the future.

Our team is in Zurich, Barcelona, London, Tel Aviv… or wherever they want to be.

We are a network of independent freelancers, each one experts in our field. In brandbuch there is no hierarchy, we are all responsible for our own tasks, each one expected to step up and be accounted for, liberating us to display our full capacity and grow as humans.

We assign each project to the talent best fitted for the mission. Sometimes small teams, sometimes big teams.

Sometimes we'll meet up for a day or two (good excuse for a beer), and sometimes it's all done remotely. Either way, we combine our expertise to find the best, most disruptive, most exciting solution for our clients.

But it all comes back to one key thing: live with purpose.

Working on meaningful projects that match our values. Feeling empowered and inspired by work, and feeding this energy in our everyday lives.

Want to join the community?

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